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Sergey Markov. Author of the project "Genvive"

Genvive is the author’s project, which has been created by Sergey L. Markov. He worked as Fulbright Scholar at California State University (Fullerton, USA) and served as Psychology Department chair at Chernivtsi National University and KROK University (Kiev, Ukraine).
The site was founded in January 2010. At the moment, all texts were written by the author of the site. This Web Site is currently in process of developing, improving and enriching with new, useful and fascinating information.

Magical synthesis of creativity and Internet

1. The Universe folds with an incredible speed to its center that is pure self-generated creative essence. Today it is the creativity that sets new meanings, methods and objectives, and makes the world a new one, quite different, not as it seems to us. The old laws and values, the reliable methods of existence are ineffective; and persistent application of proven methods leads to deadlock. “The greatest tendencies – Jean Paul wrote –crush ignorance and insensible ones.”
2. The World, that is languid with abundance, does not pay any attention and does not give any reward to people whose actions are not creative. Today it is the creativity which is the key word to be used by the Universe to search for its favorites.
3. The Internet with its inevitability and objectivity becomes the part of our life and our inner world. In its avalanche-like growth it may be overloaded, sicken, and plunge into chaos if it does not obey to «Ordine Creationis» (A Creative Order), if it does not become more vivid, dialogical, personality oriented, and aimed at one’s development and reinforcement.
4. Numerous social networks successfully satisfying basic human needs for communication and self-presentation have reached its peak and now their future tends to depend on the completeness and depth to meet the highest needs of a man – in particular the need for creativity.
5. Social networks of the future will accumulate real creative accomplishments and successful solutions of life problems; disclose their principles, rules, techniques and secrets of success. Their purpose will be to awaken and develop the latent, innate creativity, and unique individuality of every person.
6. The Internet should be enriched with creativity and acquire a developing, helping and reinforcing essence. It is expected to help people successfully solve their real life problems, to provide the necessary and efficient knowledge instantly, to make people stronger in spirit and more competitive in new, unpredictable and complex world.
7. The Internet as a powerful mythical deity should give the hero the following things:
• a Cosmic Home – the existential castle and personal spiritual citadel, a place of deep harmony between Man and the World, a treasury of culture and the center of crystallization of achievements, the intimate, safe and friendly space, some responsive, well ordered and managed Universe;
• a Miraculous weapon regarded as a universal creative method;
• a Magic drink granting the state of creative inspiration, freedom and power awakening dormant forces and innate genius;
• a Good fortune giving a lucky chance and unexpected success, which are generated due to respond to underlying structures, vibrations, and the trends of the Universe.


1. Humanity. We consider every human life and human destiny as unconditional, enduring and ultimate value. Any truly experienced event and any act committed by the dictates of truth creative Self is a unique and invaluable contribution to the flow of Creative Сoevolution and to the process of co-creativity.
This background is manifested in a special, magical vision at every person, culture and history in general, in a specific view, which highlights and revives only those creative products, events and actions that make a contribution to the improvement of humankind and the entire Universe as a whole.
2. Creativity. Today, the famous phrase “He who owns the information, owns the world” becomes a dangerous illusion, a trap and a brake on development.
Today a new, fresh and powerful criterion for the development and success – Creativity gains in strength. The one that intuitively sensed it has mastered and successfully maximizes this resource, reaches unexpectedly high results and dizzying success. In this sense, the genius is the utmost concentrated, pure and free creativity.


The place of information today must be occupied by a creative knowledge, which main characteristics are a reflection of true nature and the mobile essence of things, conciseness and beauty of form, saturation by developing meanings and alive effectiveness.
These inner characteristics of creative knowledge are implemented in the basic principles of site:
1. The accuracy and completeness of information – the reflection of the world the way it is. The responsibility to the truth. The openness to new knowledge.
2. Extreme compactness, convolution, organization and semantic compress of information.
3. Manageability, mobility and accessibility of information.
4. Humanistic – subordination of imperative to absolute value and integrity of the inner world of each person. Tact and delicacy.
5. Fascination and emotional richness of information.
6. Simplicity, beauty and transparency of the form.
7. Orientation on development, enhancement and creativity.


The general problem of congestion and fragmentation of Web-space, viscosity and redundancy of information can be overcome by new forms of its organization, by substantial concentration and compactisation of meanings.
Besides, biographical information should be extremely manageable, accessible and transparent. And on this site it is achieved through flexible, dynamic navigation and innovative combined form of searching.
Bilingualism of the site may revive inaccessible information about the life and work of prominent personalities and discover new names that are very popular in one language culture, but completely unknown in another.


The site presents the creative biography of prominent representatives of humankind, who have achieved success, have done and continue to do their unique contribution to world culture.
Life of prominent historical figures and contemporary celebrities has always had some magic and attractive power. The reason probably lies in the fact that people see in the geniuses a part of themselves, perceive their fate as the possible ways of their own Self-realization and as the supreme goal and role model.
It is not surprising that the number of biographical sites on the Internet avalanche grows. Each of them is a small island of New Empire of Geniuses and everyone may be a worthy to be its citizenship.
At the same time the network started to be surfeited with repeatedly copied, bare biographical information, devoid of force that induces to creativity and making of life choices.

Yours respectfully,
Sergey L. Markov


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