Creative vision theory of Genius


Creative vision  theory 

5.4. Creative vision  theory  claims that that the fundamental basis of genius, and its source and  body is a Creative Vision, which can be easily and naturally acquired by everyone through  taking a Creative position, correlated with the Absolute, over Achieving a creative mental state and implementation of a universal Creative method.
Thus a genius is considered as a person with a universal creative vision which manifests itself not only as an impartial witness and hovering over the world and not even as eidetic, heartfelt, spiritual contemplation, but also as a spontaneous, powerful and shattering into many different levels thin and flexible efforts of mental activities, as directed manipulation and free play with the images and models of reality.
A creative vision of a genius is a creative synthesis of a active creative attitude, higher mental state and a creative method which is complete and isomorphic to universe generative matrix or holistic system of creative techniques.

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