Group passing technique


Group passing technique and its versions

The Group passing technique involves sitting in a circle or around a table and offering solutions in a fast paced manner. When the ideas are blurted out in this way there is no time to think long and hard before volunteering a response.

1. One idea and one paper version

Procedure Steps:

1. Each person in a circular group writes down one idea, and then passes the piece of paper to the next person in a clockwise direction, who adds some thoughts.
2. If a participant does not have an idea they must say “pass” and allow the session to continue because the point of the session is to minimize too much critical analysis.
3. This is repeated until everybody gets the piece of paper with their original idea back.

2. The same piece of  paper and many ideas version

The piece of paper is passed to each member present. The participants continue to contribute by writing additional ideas on the piece of paper each time they receive it.

Procedure Steps:

1. The participant  writes many ideas or his comments on the same piece of paper.
2. The paper hands-over to the person sitting at your side in a clockwise direction.
3. Once everyone have contributed their ideas, all ideas are collected and a group constructs a broad solution.

3. Idea Book

Technique uses a book for ideas gathering. A description of the problem is listed on the first page of the book.

Procedure Steps:

1. The first person to receive the book lists his or her ideas and then routes the book to the next person. It is possible to use the distribution list.
2. The second person can log new ideas or add his comments to the ideas of the previous person.
3. This procedure continues until the all pages of the book have been filled or until the distribution list is exhausted.
4. The leader reads out and participants discuss the ideas logged in the book.
This technique takes longer, but allows for individual thought whenever the person has time to think deeply about the problem.


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