Rolestorming technique


Rolestorming technique: he essence and procedure steps

This method was developed by Griggs (1985) and described by VanGundy (1988).
Participants take on another identity and view problems and solutions from a different standpoints.  This will allow you to come up with ideas that you normally would not feel comfortable suggesting, but which you can freely express by attributing them to someone else.
They try to answer on such questions as:
What would you do if you were someone else?
Your parent?
Your teacher?
Your manager?
Your partner?
Your best friend?
Your enemy? …

Procedure Steps

1. Invent an identity or use that of someone you know.
2. Assume that identity or refer to the fictitious person as ‘this person would suggest…..’
3. Brainstorm in separate identity.
4. Change roles. Now try another identity obviously this can be done many times for many different characters.


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