Terms & Conditions of biographies and articles submission

  1. Your can post the biographies and articles on the website:
    a) yourself through the service Add Biography and Add own Work.
    b) with the help of the site staff.
    The material is approved by the moderator and published on the web site under the name of the author.
  2. Posting the biographies and articles (up to 2) and performing one edit for each work is free of charge.
  3. For submitting more than 2 biographies together with new editions,  you could support the website by making any contribution on the page – Donate.
  4. There is an opportunity to create your biography and biographies of other creative people by our trained writers. They could take into account your wishes, edits and any specific information. The biographies are posted in two languages and are promoted in the network.
  5. A contribution $50 (and more) – allows you to post materials and make edits without anу restrictions, and it helps us to do basic promotion of your page by our employees – Donate.

Advice and assistance 

Providing Self-Publishing

Please fill out all fields when creating a biography. (* – required fields) 

Title of entry * It includes: First and Last Name – Extension the name
E.g.  Stanisław Nowicki – Polish writer
James Taylor – President and CEO of Lan company
Barbara  Williams – Author of the project Creative Management.
Photo* Select your best photo. The face image should occupy about 70%, be clear and light. The desired extensions of the images are:   .jpg and .png
Select a Category
*   In the offered window select:
Your “Category”  e.g. Scientists
In the Category list, select your Occupation.  e.g. Psychologists
In the list Occupation highlight “Specification” (if any).  e.g. Psychoanalysis
Tags* Write 3 – 5 words or phrases  with a comma. e.g. Psychologists, american psychologists, psychology of creativity, innovation….
Excerpt (Brief biography) In a brief  form, provide short information about person and its major achievements .
E.g.  Edward Bradford Titchener  – famous Anglo-American psychologist.  The founder and head of the structural school of psychology, the founder of the first psychological laboratory in the United States,  the father of American psychology. 

Full biography

Highlight the relevant Fields  in bold and save them in text. Full bio should includes (Please look at any top biography on the site): 

First and Last Name*
Full name
Date and place of birth
E.g.  10 February 1989, Munich, Germany
For the historical figures:
(17 January 1878, Berkeley, California, USA – 5 August 1961, Ithaca, New York , USA)
Nationality:* e.g.   China
Category: * e.g. Scientists
Occupation: * e.g.  Psychologists
Specification: (if any). e.g. Psychoanalysis
Unique distinction:
Please, use the phrases: One of the first, the best..,  one of the founders, the creator…
Quotes: Write your personal quotes and short thoughts.
Social media:


Social and professional position:* E.g. American actor, film director and producer.
The main contribution (known for):
* Briefly outline the most important achievements that made a person special and well-known.
* Please write down the main results of activity:

  1. Сontributions into the certain fields of culture, science, art, social life, education, sports, etc.
  2. Basic Thoughts, views and ideas (ideally outline the innovation in the specific field; especially for philosophers, scientists…).
    Main Achievements: participation in contests, trainings, social activities, etc.

Honors and Awards: Awards, prizes, degree (including dates).
Original ideas:  New and original ideas, theories, hypotheses, inventions, innovations.
Creative style: Individual way of life and activity, unique, nonstandard skills, methods and techniques
Major works:* Books, articles, films, songs, paintings, records, any important results…


Origin:* Date and place of birth. Parents, brothers, sisters. Special childhood memories, experiences and events…
Education:* School, college,  courses, university and graduation dates.  Particular qualities of self-education.
Influenced byInfluence of teachers, outstanding  people, schools, events.
Career Highlights:* The main stages of professional activity (Dates, positions and roles). Turn your biography into a story not just in a list of roles.
Personal Life:*   Family. Spouse. Children. Important and fateful life events.  Special personality characteristics.
Zest: Peculiar feature or event: Interesting and unusual events of life and career. Unique abilities and features. The remarkable facts,  interesting and funny stories.
Only accessible, directly related to the content links are allowed. (Up to 5 links).   


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