Сreative approach to security management

Markov S. L. Сreative approach to security  management

Abstract. The article deals with new approaches and methods for security management in the face of rising uncertainty and unpredictability of the environment and the emergence of a qualitatively new and complex threats and risks.
The author substantiates the need for a new creative paradigm of security and gives its basic characteristics and principles. The article examines the current views on the theory and the concept of security, gives its basic definitions and metaphors, and reveals the most common underlying principles of creative security management.
The article argues that a creative approach to security of organization is determined by the creative attitude of security manager which is implemented through the usage of an integrated, multilevel complementary pairs of creative tools and techniques.

Markov, S.L. (2012) Tvorcheskiy podhod k upravleniiu bezopasnostiu [ Сreative approach to security management]. Izvestiia Rossiiskoi akademii obrazovaniia [News of the Russian Academy of Education]. 2 (22), 403-415.

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