The Buzz session


Buzz session as type of brainstorming

This method was developed by J.D. Phillips (1948).
A small group drawn from a larger group that discuss a specific aspects of a larger topic. A small group can to solve the common problem separately or solve specific sub-problems. The leader devides the group into several smaller groups and offers them some sub-problems prepared in advance.

Phillips 66 Buzz Session Variation 

Large audiences are divided into sub-groups of six people who generate ideas for six minutes. Each group selects a secretary who records ideas and reports them to the large group.

Procedure steps:

1. Leader divides the audience into smaller groups (3-8 members, ideally-6).
2. A chairman or secretary is appointed for each group and a time limit for the discussion is established (6-10 minutes).
3. The group to generate ideas related to the problem.
4. Chairmen present the group’s ideas to the large group for further discussion.


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