Universe-and-personalistic theory of Genius


Universe-and-personalistic theory

5. Universe-and-personalistic (from Lat. universum – a single  Universe, Latin unio – unity, versum – towards … or verso-twist, rotate, and from lat. persona – person, separate entity) theory of genius  maintains that a genius has a universal gift to capture, expierence, transmit and embody in his work the spirit of the Universe and Eternity, to fill his works with the highest human values and ultimate meaning as well as the ability to reach the state of creative consciousness,  to acquire a vision of reality  from the standpoint of the Absolute, to translate this vision into reality and transmit it to other people.
The theory of embodiment and personification of the Absolute and the co-creation with Universe evolution considers that a genius is the incarnation of the Absolute, personal manifestation of super-consciousness and Higher Mind which obeying the categorical imperative of creativity and generating new meanings.

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