Universe theories of Creativity


Universe approach to the main
theories of creativity

Universe and metaphysical approach to creativity allows us to defined  it as the existence and manifestation of the Absolute, which is unfolded by realization of its universal dimensions or primal ultimate essences:
Being (Whole and Interaction) and  Nothing (Possibility and  Freedom).

Table 1. Universe approach to theories of Creativity

Creativity as the creation
and realization of the Whole
Creative Thinking
Creativity as the creation
and realization

of the Possibilities
Creative Imagination
Unfolding of the Absolute

and Creativity of Nature
Creative Attention Perception
Creativity as the Interaction and Combination 
Creative Memory
Creativity as realization
of the Freedom
Creative Intuition

1. Сreativity as the unfolding of the Absolute,  a universal process of evolution and Creativity of Nature

1.1. Creativity as an embodiment of the Absolute and the co-creation of man with the creative power of the Supreme Reality.
1.2. Сo-creation with the ultimate Creative force by achieving the higher states of consciousness.
1.3. Creativity as mutual transitions of Being and Nothing.
Synergetic model of creativity.
1.4. Creativity of Nature.
Creativity as generation and selection of combinations.
1.5. Creative Vision of the World.
– Creativity as Synesthesia and Cross-Modal Representations.
– Imagery, imagination and visualization.
– Analogical perception.
– Creative attention.

2. Creativity as achievement and realization of a Freedom

3. Creativity as the creation and implementation of Possibilities

4. Creativity as the creation and realization of the Whole

5. Creative Developing Interaction

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