Wildest Idea Technique


Generating truly outrageous and fantasy ideas

The underlying application of this tool is to discover break-through ideas for process, product, or service improvements.
This tool encourages participants to perform out-of-the box brainstorming with the goal of generating truly outrageous and wild ideas.
The leader may suspend the normal session  and asked members of the group  actually to write down a fantasy or dream-like solution to the problem. Next, the various suggestions are collected and written on the flip chart. Each fantasy idea is then brainstormed until a realistic idea is found.
Wild ideas may not be productive in themselves but they can spur others on to think of more practical ideas.

Procedure Steps

1. The facilitator introduces this brainstorming variation and displays of several wild and  impossible ideas to a stated problem.
2. Participants generate other wild, crazy ideas or hitchhike on others already mentioned and do not allow to participants revert back to generating  conventional ideas.
3. The facilitator records ideas and dates the final list of ideas.


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