Buddha – Founder of Buddhism

Buddha Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, The Buddha (Enlightened one), Tathagata (He who has come thus) (563 BC, Lumbini near Kapilavastu (now Nepal),  India - 483 BC, Kushinagar,...

Creativity and Genius

Famous Paintings by Rene Magritte

How to get a million dollars

You are on a game show. You are standing before two doors. Behind one is 1 million dollars, and behind the other is a donkey. There are...
Rene Magritte. Creative puzzle

The benefits of capacity seeing yourself  through  the eyes of others

Three hats are offered to two players – one white and two red. They close their eyes and are told that each of them will...

Unified theory of Creativity

Unified (Integrative, systemic, multifactor, synthetic, synergetic, general) theory of Creativity The history of development of the unified, universal theory of creativity 1. The unified theory of...
Andrew Ferez paintings

The Kipling method (5W1H)

The Five W’s and One H Method 1. Author: Rudyard Kipling (1865 –1936), English short-story writer, poet, and novelist. 2. History: The method gets its name...

Electronic or online brainstorming

Online brainstorming (Brainlining)  Author: Peter Lloyd 1. Description Electronic brainstorming or simply Online brainstorming (Brainlining) is the modern version of brainstorming. The word brainlining is combined with...
Nicolas Poussin "The Kingdom of Flora"

TRIZ – method of enhancing creativity and generating breakthrough innovations

TRIZ - Theory of Inventive Problem Solving Etymology and abbreviations TRIZ is the Russian acronym for the "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving" (literally: "theory of the...
Jim Warren. Boost your creativity

Kaleidoscope Brainstorming Technique

Kaleidoscope Brainstorming Technique or Silent brainstorming  Multiple Mind Conferencing (MMC)  (Dr. Murthy) This is a new approach to the brainstorming process, including different variations as to...

Creative Quotes and Parables

The Water Bearer

A water bearer had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole, which he carried across his neck. One of the pots...
Anna Razumovskaya. Genius and creativity

Geniuses and celebrities about Creativity

Genius on Creativity Imagination is a powerful agent for creating, as it were, a second nature out of the material supplied to it by actual...
Zhuangzi. The Secret of Art

The secret of Art

Woodworker Qing carved a piece of wood and made a bell stand, and when it was finished, everyone who saw it marvelled, for it seemed to...

Creative Absolute

Philosophy, Wit and Humor Training, Creativity

 Website for Creative People






Creative management and management of creativity in the modern creatological formation

Markov S.L. Creative management and management of creativity in the modern creatological formation   Abstract. The article defines qualitatively unique and distinguishing features of the new socio-cultural creatological...
Sesshū Tōyō zen paintings

Girl by the river

Two Zen monks, Tanzan (1819-1892) and Ekido, traveling on pilgrimage, came to a muddy river crossing. There they saw a lovely young woman dressed in her...
Garab Dorje. Dzogchen saint

Primordial generating matrix of Dzogchen

Table 1а.  Initial generating matrix of Dzogchen (Theory) Hitting the Essence in Three Words  the final testament of the first master Garab Dorje ( Fl. 55 CE) Last testament to Manjushri-mitra. (5-6...
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