Joan Of Arc – National Heroine of France

Joan Of Arc, Joan of Lorraine, the Maid of Orleans. Patron Saint and national heroine of France.  Femail military leaderand a Catholic saint.

Creativity and Genius

The Relativity of Truth

“What is your age?” asked the judge. “Remember you’re under oath” “I am twenty one years and some months” the woman answered. Really she was an...

Creativity as a problem solving

Creativity as a problem finding and problem solving Productive  thinking as an internal activity that focused on mastery of a task (O. Kulpe, 1895, N.Ach,...

The Importance of a Good Problem Statement

A metal rod stirred the liquid molten metal. However, at the same time it was collapsing and polluting the metal. The solution to the problem...
Surrealism artwork by Michael Parkes, increase your creativity

Question  brainstorming

Question  brainstorming: characteristics and steps This process involves brainstorming the questions related to the problem, rather than trying to come up with immediate answers and short...
Paul Klee, Enhancing creativity


Rightbraining as the brainstorming technique It is used as a visual method of creating ideas.  It also can be used also as a change from...
Rafal Olbinski. Paintings


Battelle-Buildmappen-Brainwriting (BBB) technique The Battelle-Buildmappen-Brainwriting (BBB) method was developed by researchers at the Battelle Institute in Frankfurt, Germany (J. N Warfield, H. Geschka and...
Greg Spalenka Creativity

Creative vision

Creative Vision of The World Personality Creative Vision of the World is a complex hierarchical system consisting of values and worldview attitudes, emotional position to...

Creative Quotes and Parables

Carry your cross. parable

Carry your cross. The parable of the uniqueness of fate

One day a crowd of people was walking along the road. Each carried his own cross on his shoulder. One person thought that his cross...
Parable of Zhuangzi (Zhuang Zhou)

Entering a Flow State

Cook Ting was cutting up an ox for Lord Wen-hui. At every touch of his hand, every heave of his shoulder, every move of his...
Portrait by Rabbi Akiva

Everything God does is for the good!

     Once Rabbi Akiva was traveling with a donkey, rooster, and lantern. He came to a village seeking lodging. No one took him in. He...

Creative Absolute

Philosophy Training of wit Creativity

 Website for Creative People






Сreative approach to security management

Markov S. L. Сreative approach to security  management Abstract. The article deals with new approaches and methods for security management in the face of rising...
Nicholas Roerich. Remember. Creative vision

Formation of creative vision of an individual as the universal method of enhancing creativity

Sergey L. Markov. Formation of creative vision of an individual as the universal method of enhancing creativity Abstract. The major classical and modern methods of...

Creative management and management of creativity in the modern creatological formation

Markov S.L. Creative management and management of creativity in the modern creatological formation   Abstract. The article defines qualitatively unique and distinguishing features of the new socio-cultural creatological...
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