A genetic approach to the nature of genius

Sergey L. Markov. A genetic approach to the nature of genius

Abstract. Іn the article the main characteristics, stages and modifications of the genetic approach are considered. The features of the application of genetic approach to the study of phenomenon of genius are analyzed. Thus, the conditions, causes and the main determinants of the origin of genius, the patterns of its occurrence, formation and development are investigated. Author proposed and analyzed the integrated genetic concept of genius that represents the system of independent explanatory principles and theories.
Key words: genetic approach, genius, genetic theories of genius, integrated concept of genius

Markov, S.L.(2011) Genetuchnyi pidhid do pryrody genialnosti [A genetic approach to the nature of genius]. In 2th International scientific conference: Genesis of the personality’s existence. Kyiv, 19-20 December 2011. Kyiv: Information and Analytical Agency, Vol.1, pp.255-260.