Brainwriting game

Brainwriting game technique

This method is set in the form of competitive game.  As long as the game atmosphere is fun rather than overly competitive, and the facilitator ensures that there are no significant losers.

Procedure Steps

1.    The facilitator displays the problem statement, and explains that the winner of the game is the one who devises the most unlikely solution.
2. The facilitator sells each group member an agreed number  of blank.
3. Members try to think of utterly implausible solutions, writing one per card.
4. The cards are then put up on a display board. Members now have  15 minutes to silently read all the solutions and  vote for what he now considers to be the most improbable idea on the numbered cards.  Each member then has two votes (e.g. two sticky stars).
6. Everyone comes together and agrees on the best ideas overall.
Advantages. The game format might be useful, particularly in training contexts. Very little facilitation skill is needed.
Disadvantages. The game will take a little longer than some other brainwriting techniques.