Brainwriting pool (BP)

Brainwriting pool

This variation of brainstorming was developed by the Battlle Institute of Frankfurt, Germany. The brainwriting pool is an idea-generating tool in which new ideas are derived from the written, rather than verbalized, ideas of others.
The absence of verbal interaction is designed into the method so as to prevent negative consequences which often accompany group discussions and to add a greater sense of anonymity.

Procedure Steps

1. A group leader presents a problem to the group or displays on a flip chart.
2. The participants silently write down their ideas on a card or a sheet of paper.
3.  Each person places his sheet in the center of the table (the pool), exchanging it for another sheet placed there by another participant.
4. Everyone pulls out one or more of these ideas for inspiration. Those ideas on the sheet are examined and other related ideas are added. Team members can create new ideas, variations or complements on existing ideas. The sheet is then returned to the pool and exchanged for another sheet.
5. This process continues for approximately 30 minutes. At the end of this time, all ideas are posted on flip charts for later evaluation.