Brainwriting – free writing technique 

This method was originally popularized in Germany in the 70s and developed by Arthur B. VanGundy.
Brainstorming is done by freely writing down ideas about a given topic.  Each person writes their ideas down on index cards, self-adhesive notes or slips of paper.
The general process is that all ideas are recorded by the individual who thought of them.
In this technique related ideas are simply listed, participant should try to move toward a focused topic by centering on related words, phrases, details, examples, and thoughts. Moreover they emphasize and develop any interesting points.

There are two basic types of brainwriting:

1. Individual free writing. Nominal ideas in a group that are not shared with other group members while generating ideas.
2. Brainwriting with interacting ideas. In this case all ideas are shared for additional stimulation.
2.1. Group brainwriting technique
2.2. Brainwriting pool (BP)
2.3. 6-3-5 Brainwriting


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