Combined brainstorming

Combined brainstorming

1. Double brainstorming

After classical brainstorming session, participants make a break for 2-3 days and then repeat it again. During the break – the participants subconscious is activated and generates  new unexpected fundamental ideas.

2. Reverse and classical (direct) brainstorming

After reverse brainstorming session, participants make a break for 2-3 days and then conduct classical brainstorming.  (And vice versa).

3. Reverse -Classical (direct) – Reverse brainstorming

1. First, using a reverse brainstorming reveal all the flaws, weaknesses and contradictions of the existing objects, and allocate them among the top.
2.Then conduct  the classical brainstorming session in order to overcome identified major deficiencies.
3.On the third stage conduct  the negative brainstorming, to criticism ideas   generated by the second stage

4.  Shuttle Brainstorming

1.Two groups of participants with a different  abilities- to generate ideas and to criticise are formed.
2. These groups of participants work in different rooms.
3. A group of ideas generators begins a Brainstorming session: eader poses a problem, asks each to generate new ideas, writes them and sends list of ideas  to the critics.
4.  Critics select the most interesting and promising ideas, and based on them extend and specifed a a task that after a break once again pas to group of ideas generator.
5. The session cyclically repeated until an acceptable result will acheave.
Group of only six people can put forward in the process of shuttle storming to 150 ideas for 30 minutes.