Imaginary brainstorming


Imaginary brainstorming – specificity and procedure steps

This method is like Classic Brainstorming, but with a slight differences.

Procedure Steps

1. The leader creates a problem statement. When defining the problem make sure that it has a subject – who is acting, a verb – the action, an object – who / what is being acted upon.
2. The leader conduct a traditional, classic brainstorming session.
3. Then, everyone suggests changes to some of the words to create a new problem statement, ideally one that is off-the-wall and bizarre.
4. They brainstorm again ideas for the imaginary problem and make a list of solutions.
6. The participant apply ideas from the imaginary brainstorming to the real problem statement.
7. They analyse all of the ideas (real, imaginary and combined) and take forward those of most interest.


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