Primordial generating matrix of Dzogchen

“The Three Statements that Strike the Vital Point” by Garab Dorje

Table 1а.  Initial generating matrix of Dzogchen (Theory)
Hitting the Essence in
Three Words 
the final testament
of the first master
Garab Dorje
( Fl. 55 CE)
Last testament to
(5-6 CE.)
and methods of
introduction in Rigpa
“The Six Vajra Lines”
(8-9 CE.)
Central triad and
three species of Rigpa
Buddha’s bodies and
its modes, manifestations
and triune Embodiment
           1              2           3       4          5
1. Direct introduction.
One is introduced directly
to one’s true nature
Introducing directly the
the face of Rigpa in itself.
Semde (sems sde) Mind Division.
Direct introduction to intrinsic Awareness
Oral transmission and
The nature of phenomena is nondual, but each one, in its own state, is beyond the limits of the mind. Base (gzhi)
Primordial awareness
(ye rig)
Primordial Base
(ye gzhi)
The Dharmakāya
(chos sku)
Primordial Buddha
2. Remaining without a doubt.
One attains certainty about
this natural state
Decide upon one thing and
one thing only.
Longde (klong sde)
“Space Division”.
Symbolic transmission
There is no concept that can
define the condition of “what is” but vision nevertheless
manifests: all is good.
Path (lam)
Path Rigpa
(Rang rig)
– self-awareness
The Sambhogakāya
(longs sku)
unwavering state
3. Сontinuing in the non-dual state.
One continues with confidence in liberation
Confidence directly in the
liberation of rising thoughts.
Instructions Series”
Secret oral instruction
From mind to mind.”
Everything has already been accomplished,
and so, having overcome the sickness of effort, one finds oneself in the self-perfected state: this is contemplation.
Fruit (‘bras bu)
Pervading awareness
(chab rig)
(sprul sku)
Physical reality and
self-existing awareness
Garab Dorje


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