Question  brainstorming

Question  brainstorming:
characteristics and steps

This process involves brainstorming the questions related to the problem, rather than trying to come up with immediate answers and short-term solutions.
Once the list of questions is set, it may be necessary to prioritize them to reach the best solution in an orderly way. The ideas evaluation process is critical.

Procedure Steps:

1. The facilitator poses the topic to be brainstormed.
2. The group asks a variety of questions about the topic.  This is done in a free manner without worrying about answers.  All questions are recorded.
4. The participants examine and prioritize all generated questions.
5. The group brainstorms by reacting to the questions in order to reach the best solution.


This technique stimulates creativity and promotes everyone’s participation because no one has to come up with answers.
The answers to the questions form the framework for constructing future action plans.
The questions that arise out of these brainstorming sessions often lead to solutions that are markedly different to the run-of-the-mill answers.