Rejoice always! – a Zen Parable

The beauty of Orchids

One Chan master loved orchids, and planted all sorts of different orchids.
When his time was not occupied by giving Buddhist talks, he would spend time taking care of his flowers, because they were as important to him as his own life.
One day, before going on a journey he specifically asked his disciples to take good care of his orchids.

As instructed by his Master, the Disciples watered the orchids every day. On a particular day, when they were watering the orchids, they hit a stand with flowers and the pots with orchids fell to the ground, shattering into pieces.
The Disciples felt terrible, and did not know what else to do but to wait until his Master returned and own up to his mistake.

The next day, when the Chan Master returned from his trip, the Disciples went to him and confessed, “Master, we are so sorry that we have ruined your beloved orchids. We beg for your compassion and please don’t be furious with us!”

The Chan Master remained tranquil and calm, he responded, “Indeed, the orchids are beautiful and I love them very much. However, I planted them only to make offerings to the Buddha, also to cultivate diligence also to cultivate diligence and to make our surroundings more beautiful. I most certainly did not plant these orchids in order to get angry.

A Zen Parable