The classic cluster brainstorming method

Bubble Method

This technique helps to reveal many different aspects of the topic.

Procedure Steps:

1. Write the topic or word in the in the center of the paper and draw a circle.
2. Take about 5-10 minutes and just jot words all around your word. It is nessessery freely to write down anything that comes to your mind. Any editing and  erasing and corrections are not allowed.
3. Circle your new words,  draw lines and make connections to the initial word.
4. Agaun just start writing new words about your words on the paper. Do not analyze and edit  your work.
5. Evaluate and develop your ideas

There are  some different ways of this method implementation:

a) Use a big white board to brainstorm as a group.
b) Have everyone write some ideas on their own cluster brainstorm, then come together and write it on the big white board.