The Military brainstorming version

The Military brainstorming technique

This method is part of the “Appreciation Process”, which was developed by the both UK and Australian Army for operational planning and further improved by the application of the human factor. (G. Klein, M. Sebell and others)


This technique is based on a model of directed creativity, which includes criteria for evaluating the best ideas and focuses on the accurate appreciation of all aspects of the problem, before making a decision.

Procedure steps

1. Define the problem. This is best done using the 5WH method, that is by considering the what, why, where, when, who and how of the problem.

2. Examine the facts and individual considerations. What are the factors that influence how you solve this problem? Determine exactly what each one really means to your problem. You can do this simply by asking the question “So what?” after each factor.

3. Present ideas.  Once you have a thorough understanding of all the facts, and what this really means – you can start brainstorming options for solving your problem.

4. Critique the ideas.

5. Integrate and development of ideas. Select the best solution and create a plan to achieve it.

6. Converge on the solution.