Vitali Klitschko – Famous Ukrainian boxer and politician


Vitali Klitschko

Vitali Vladimirovich Klitschko
July 19, 1971 Belovodsk, Kirghiz SSR, Soviet Union (now Kyrgyzstan)
Nationality: Ukraine
Category: Athletes
Occupation: Boxers, Politicians
Unique distinction: Klitschko is a three-time heavyweight world champion, and is the eighth longest reigning heavyweight champion of all time. He is the first professional boxing world champion to hold a Ph.D.
Height: 6 ft. 7½ in. (202 cm)
Weight: 250 lbs. (113 кг)
Reach: 80 in (203 cm)
Religion: Orthodox
He is also the current Mayor of Kiev
1. I want to become Kiev’s mayor because I love my city very much and want to improve life in it.
2. I fight not for myself, I fight for the audience.
3. I’ve travelled around the world, I’ve lived in Germany, I’ve lived in the United States, I’ve visited many countries, I can question why such a good country, such huge potential, why we don’t develop in the right way.
4. We try to use our experiences as leverage for our social work, to help children to get education because that is the way to get a special life.
5. I’m ready to fight against everyone. I am a world champion.

Achievements and contributions:

Social and professional position: Vitali Klitschko is a Ukrainian politician and an outstanding former professional boxer. He currently serves as Mayor of Kiev.
The main contribution to (what is known): He holds the distinction of being a three-time world heavyweight champion, having previously held the WBO and WBC titles, and has never been knocked out or knocked down in any professional boxing bout. He also has the highest knockout percentage (88.37%) of any heavyweight boxing champion in overall fights.


Vitali Klitschko is an outstanding Ukrainian professional boxer and the current WBC world heavyweight champion. He is also a leader of the political party Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR) (2010–2015) and Petro Poroshenko Bloc (2015–2016)
Boxing record: He holds the distinction of being a three-time world heavyweight champion, having previously held the WBO and WBC titles, and has never been knocked out or knocked down in any professional boxing bout. He also has the highest knockout percentage (88.37%) of any heavyweight boxing champion in overall fights.  Total fights-47; Wins-45;  Wins by KO-41; Losses-2. Heavyweight raitings – 2 (1216) On 16 June 2012.As a professional heavyweight boxer, he has a net worth of $65 million.
Science activities. Vitali is the first professional boxing world champion to hold a Ph.D. ( Physical Education and Sport). On 29 February 2000, he presented and defended his doctoral thesis on the topic: “Defining abilities boxer in the sport multi-stage selection” at the National University of Physical Education and Sport, and his Ph.D. in Physical Education and Sport was conferred.
Political activity. Vitali Klitschko began campaigning for mayor of Kiev shortly after his retirement.
In the 2006 mayoral election, he placed second with 26% of the vote. Klitschko campaigned on an anti-corruption platform associated with Pora party and he was elected as a people’s deputy to the Kiev City Council. In the May 2008 Kiev mayoral local election, he ran again and won 18% of the vote. His party, Vitaliy Klychko Bloc, won 10.61% of the votes and 15 seats and again he was elected into the Kiev City Council.  The Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s firm, Giuliani Partners  advised the campaign of Vitali Klitschko.
In 2008 he was also appointed to the Ukrainian delegation of the Congress of the Council of Europe. He assists with improving relations between Ukraine and Germany. Klitschko became a leader of the political party Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform in April 2010.
He was elected Mayor of Kyiv on 25 May 2014 and reelected in 2015. He currently serves as the Mayor and head of the Kiev City State Administration.
Business activity. Their own firm KMG organises and engages in fights of both brothers. Now he earns near 3-5 million dollars in a fight. Vitaliy Net Worth is about 20 million euros, Vladimir Net Worth -23 million euros.
Klitschko has contracts with a fitness network “McFit”, a manufacturer of vitamin preparations “Eunova”, a German state company “Telekom” and the car company  “Mercedes”. Brothers have their own line of clothes,  work with world-famous company Hugo Boss. In addition, they are real estate owners in many countries.
Charitable activities. Autumn 1997 together with his brother Vitaly founded the International Fund “Sports – XXI century”. The purpose of this fund – support talented athletes, experienced coaches and sports veterans who need help. Vitali and his brother also have been involved in charitable activities dedicated to supporting the needs of schools, churches and children. In 2002, the Klitschko brothers announced that they had agreed to work specifically for UNESCO which supports more than 180 projects in 87 countries. Since 2003 – Vitaly is a chairman of the board of a charitable organization ” Klitschko brothers Foundation.
Honours and Awards: Hero of Ukraine (31 December 2004),   Order For Courage  (2004), Order of Merit I and III grades (1999, 2008). He has been awarded Germany’s highest award Federal Cross of Merit (2010). In 2016, Klitschko was named The Eternal World Heavyweight Champion by the WBC.
Creative style: His Individual style: Vitaly Klitchko is a talented, intellectual athlete, who always has the strategy for fight and sports ethic. At the same time, he has an aggressive style, possesses good skills and tremendous punching power.
Major works: In 2003, the Klitschko brothers presented their book “Our fitness. Simple Secrets of Champions”, which was published in several languages. It became a bestseller, at the Leipzig Book Fair won in the category “Best popular science book of the year.”

Career and personal life:

Origin: Vitali Klitschko was born in Belovodsk, in former Kirghiz SSR, in Soviet Union. His father, Vladimir Rodionovich, was a Soviet Air Force Colonel (now General). His mother is Nadezhda Ulyanovna was an attendant. Vitali has a  younger brother Vladimir, with whom he always had and presently have a strong brotherly bond.
Education: Since childhood, his parents tried to give his sons-round education. The brothers were engaged not only in sports but also in music. In 1996 he graduated from the Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky Pedagogical Institute (Ukraine) and was accepted into the postgraduate study program at Kyiv University. He was graduated from the National Academy of State Administration of the President of Ukraine (Master degree).

Career highlights:

 Vitali Klitschko began boxing at age of 14. Originally Klitschko was a kickboxer. In November 1993, he took part in the world amateur championship of WAKO, held at Atlantic City, New Jersey.  As a professional kickboxer, Klitschko won the super heavyweight championship at the first World Military Games in Italy in 1995. In that same year, he won the silver medal at the 1995 World Amateur Boxing Championships in Berlin Germany.  His amateur record was 195-15 with 80 knockouts. He also was a three-time Ukrainian heavyweight champion in boxing.
Vitali Klitschko began his professional boxing career in 1996, winning his first twenty-four fights by either early knockout or technical knockout (TKO).
In his 25th pro fight, on 26 June 1999, Klitschko won the WBO heavyweight title from Herbie Hide of the United Kingdom by a 2nd round knockout.
He successfully defended the title twice before an April 1, 2000 match against American Chris Byrd. Complaining of shoulder pain, Vitali and his corner threw in the towel after the ninth round despite carrying a lead on all three judges’ scorecards (89-82, and 88-83 twice). Klitschko, who was later diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff, received much criticism for quitting the fight.
Klitschko rebounded from his loss to Byrd by reeling off five victories in a row, earning himself a shot at WBC heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis. The fight took place on June 21, 2003, in Los Angeles, California. Before the seventh round, the ringside doctor deemed Klitschko’s wounds severe enough to threaten eye damage, stopping the fight despite Klitschko’s pleas to continue. “No, No, No” – that was Vitali’s immediate reaction after the fight was stopped.
Klitschko was ahead on all three scorecards 58-56 (4 rounds to 2) at the time of the stoppage, but because the wound was a result of punches from Lewis and not a headbutt, Lewis won by technical knockout. For years after this fight, Klitschko would still occasionally call out Lewis, despite the fact that Lewis has been retired since early 2004, for a rematch.
On 6 December 2003  Klitschko defeated Kirk Johnson from  Canada by TKO in the second round. Later he earned an 8th-round TKO victory over South African Corrie Sanders on 24 April 2004, to capture the WBC (World Boxing Council) heavyweight championship which had been vacated by Lewis.
On 11 December 2004 in his first WBC title defense  Klitschko scored a technical knockout against  British boxer Williams in 8 rounds.
On 9 November 2005, Vitali Klitschko announced his retirement from professional boxing and vacated his title.
In 2007 Vitali Klitschko announced the decision to return to professional sports, to the delight of thousands of fans from around the world.
Vitali took advantage of his champion emeritus status and secured a title challenge against the reigning WBC champion Samuel Peter. The fight was arranged on 11 October 2008 in Berlin. Klitschko defeated  Peter by TKO in the 8 round and Won WBC Heavyweight Title.
In 2009, Klitschko successfully defended his WBC Heavyweight title three times.
On 21 March Klitschko defeated Juan Carlos Gomez by TKO in the ninth round. On 26 September, Klitschko earned a one-sided TKO victory over Chris Arreola at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
On 12 December Vitali defeated Kevin Johnson by unanimous decision winning almost every round. Klitschko then defended his WBC belt against Albert Sosnowski on May 29,  2010 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. On 16 October 2010 in  Hamburg, Germany Vitali  Klitschko defeated  Shannon Briggs by unanimous decision win in every round.
On 19 March 2011 in Cologne, Germany, Klitschko defeated Cuban boxer Odlanier Solis Fonte by TKO in the first round.
On 10 September 2011, in Wroclaw, Poland,  Klitschko defeated Tomasz Adamek from Poland by TKO in the tenth round.
On 18 February 2012  in Munich, Germany, Klitschko defeated   Dereck Chisora by unanimous decision winning.
On 8 September 2012 in  Moscow, Russia,  Klitschko defeated  Manuel Charr by  TKO 4, and Retained WBC heavyweight title.
On 15 December 2013, Vitali Klitschko was announced champion emeritus and focused on political activity in Ukraine. Klitschko was one of the dominant figures of the Euromaidan protests. On 24 October 2013 that he intended to take part in the next Ukrainian presidential election that was then set for 2015. But he had changed his mind and would run for the post of Mayor of Kiev.  Klitschko won Kiev’s mayoral elections with almost 57% of the votes. In the 2015 Kiev Mayoral election, Klitschko was reelected with 66.5% of the vote.
He currently serves as Mayor of Kiev and head of Kiev City State Administration.

Personal life:

 Together with his parents and brother Vitali travelled much of the Soviet Union.  Vitali and Wladimir spent almost all his childhood military garrisons. In 1985 they moved to Ukraine.
He is married to Natalia Egorova, a former athlete and model. They met in Kiev and got married in April 1996. They have three children, Egor-Daniel (b.May 16, 2000), Elizabeth-Victoria (b. November 24, 2002 ) and Max (b. April 1, 2005)  (named after the former World Heavyweight Champion Max Schmeling).
In 2004, the Vitali Klitschko brothers moved from Hamburg, Germany to Los Angeles, California.
In January 2004, they notified Universum that they would not re-sign when their contracts expired in April. Universum sued the brothers, arguing that their recent injuries had triggered a clause binding them beyond April. The suit was ultimately resolved in favour of the Klitschkos in November 2009
Both brothers hold Ph.D  and they are multilingual,  speaking four languages: Russian, Ukrainian, German, and English.
They became national celebrities when they moved to Germany. However, despite the great popularity in Germany and in the World, Vitali and Vladimir Klitschko are proud to say that they are perceived abroad as citizens of Ukraine.
Current Residence: Kiev, Ukraine
Zest: Nicknames: Dr. Iron Fist & Iron Chin, King of KOs.  His coach is Fritz Zdunek. His younger brother, Vladimir Klitschko, is the current IBF, WBO, IBO and Ring Magazine world heavyweight champion.
In the close circle of friends, Vitaly sometimes regards string guitar. Both brothers would be in a Hollywood movie Ocean Eleven, become guests of honour at the “Monte-Carlo World Music Awards” and “Echo”, among their friends would be: Bill Clinton, Mohammed Ali, Boris Becker and Steffi Graff, Jon Bon Jovi, Dieter Bohlen and David Bowie, Giorgio Armani and John Kasablankos.
Both Vitali and his brother are avid chess players. Vitali is a friend of former world chess champion Vladimir Kramnik and the two have played, with Kramnik always winning. Vitali said “chess is similar to boxing. You need to develop a strategy, and you need to think two or three steps ahead about what your opponent is doing.
You have to be smart. But what’s the difference between chess and boxing? In chess, nobody is an expert, but everybody plays. In boxing, everybody is an expert, but nobody fights.”