Worldgenic theories of Creativity

Worldgenic approach to Theories of Creativity

Theoretical analysis of the multi-layered, multi-sphere and multi-leveled made it possible to reduce all the richness of its manifestation forms to a harmonious and economical and symmetrical structure, constituted by five independent worlds: objective and symbolic, social and internal, and integrating and creating the world of culture.

Moreover, each of the worlds has a universal structure, specific patterns of functioning and development, as well as a form of creative activity that is dominant in it.

Table 2.  Manifistations of Creativity in the Phenomenal Worlds

Symbolic world
Creative Problem Solving
Social world
Creative dialogue
Realization of Creative attitude, 
Creative reflection.
Sense (Meaning)
Objective  world

Inner world
Creative self-actualization

1. Creativity as realization of creative attitude, strategies, techniques and styles, as a creative reflection, and metacognitive regulation and Sense -creation.
2. Creativity as a productive activity.
3.Creativity as a problem finding and problem solving.

4. Creativity as a Creative Self-actualisation.
5. Creativity as a Creative Dialogue.

 To be continued

Sergey L. Markov (2016)

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